American Express Gold Card Still Worth it in 2021?

Out of all the cards that i carry in my wallet, the gold card is definitely my most favorite prized possession. Maybe that's, why i literally have 12 of them. So to start the american express gold card offers.

You four x points at u.s. Supermarkets on up to 25 000 per calendar year in purchases with the gold card, you can also get 4x back on restaurant and dining. This includes take out. So if you use ubereats grubhob seamless any one of those apps, you can find yourself getting 4x back with your card now.

The gold card also does earn you 3x back on flights. I know most of you guys will already have a travel card, whether it's with the chase sapphire reserve, or you have the american express platinum. If you happen to not have any one of those cards, the american express gold card is another great card, and people often forget that you do get 3x back on flights with this as well.

So those are the cashback categories when it comes to the american express gold card and the easiest way to keep track of all this is to know food equals gold card. What, if you do, if you're gonna order pizza gold card? What do you do if you get chipotle gold card? What, if you do, if you're about to get some sushi gold card actually sometimes like those asian places? Don't accept american express that's.

How easy it is now. The two most important credits that you need to know about. The gold card is the 120 dining credit and the 100 airline incidental fee credit and, if we add both of those amounts up which effectively brings that annual fee down all the way to 30, to use that 120 dining credit.

You can use your card over at participating. Restaurants, such as shake shack ruth's, chris steakhouse cheesecake factory, make sure every single month you don't forget to use your gold card at one of those locations and if you can & # 39, t find yourself doing it.

The easiest way to use this credit without having to spend an extra amount on delivery fees is to use something like grubhub and set your order up for pickup. Most often the prices are still generally the same, and all you have to do is go out and pick up your order.

If you're going to chipotle or kfc or one of those style places anyways, you're, really not doing anything different, so you can use up that credit get a free meal every month. That is the reimbursement towards the annual fee.

For a card like this, with the 100 airline incidental fee credit, all you have to do is log on to your american express gold account and actually enable whichever airline you decide to partner up with once you have that decided.

All you have to do is take the flight with them, and any in-flight amenity like a wi-fi or trying to get additional drinks or paying for a seat upgrade will often trigger this amount. Now, in the past, i've, heard of many reports of people being able to activate that incidental fee credit.

All i'ma say is be very careful of this, because there are people who did do stuff that led to shutdowns in trying to redeem that credit without following the policy for the card. All i'm gonna say is: do your own research? Your miles may vary.

If you're with delta southwest. There are many ways to be able to redeem these credits still in 2020 and probably into 2021 as well just be patient with it. Do your research and ask the community if you have to, but all i'm going to say in this video is that the airline incidental fee credit is not difficult to use.

Even if you don't travel, there are still ways to actually redeem it with the american express gold card. It's, just gonna be a staple card, especially if you're able to find some better welcome, offer associated with this card.

Usually, the industry rate is about 35 000 points when you first sign up and put the minimum spend requirement towards this card. So if you're looking to apply for this card, make sure you're able to find the best welcome.

Offer for yourself, i have a link down below in the description talking about my top 10 credit cards, and this is number one on that list. If you're able to open up that link and see an offer of at least 50 000 points just know that you're.

Getting one of the best competitive offers right there, and that's. A good incentive to sign up another question that many people tend to have is brian. What credit score do i need to have? Do i need to have a card or relationship already with american express what the data points i've shown before in the past.

Is you can have the american express gold card as your first credit card, and you often won't, find yourself having a problem? Make sure that you do have a decent credit score and if you have something as low as 650 chances are? You are gonna get denied for a card like this, but there have been reports of people who have had a 680 credit score and still gotten approved as their first american express card.

So if you're worried that you may not get approved, i would say if your score is in the good to great or even in the excellent range. That would be a good indication on the likelihood of approval for getting this card.

If you have a score in the 680, it's really risky, but i have heard of people actually getting approved. If you have a score anywhere 700 and up chances, are you're, probably gonna get approved for this card? I recommend you to still sign up and see what the answer actually is.

There is a misconception that getting a hard pull and seeing a denial for a credit card that you applied for is one of the worst things ever and that's. Frankly, far from the truth, if you find yourself getting denied just move on look at what they denied you, for they will send you a letter in the mail.

So, ultimately, the question that many of you guys are looking to get answered is brian, is the gold card worth it hands down to me? Yes, the gold card is worth it like. I mentioned earlier in this video, even if you just use up those two credits.

The annual fee on this would still be 30 bucks, but there's, so much more value you get, especially with the higher amount of cash back. You can get now like always. You still have to do what makes sense for you.

If you're, not eating out that much. If you don & # 39, t spend any money at supermarkets, then this car may not make sense for you and you shouldn't apply. But if you're, someone who does tend to eat out and you do like having a premium luxury car, you like having that feeling of prestige, do the math run the numbers.

Thank you all again so much for watching this video. If you guys do have the american express gold card, you've already applied. I got another free thing for you check out the link down below in the description for ebates.

If you sign up you get 40 bucks, i get 40 bucks and it's. A cashback portal that literally saves you money. On top of that, don't forget to follow us over on instagram credit. Brian don't. Forget to join our facebook group over at the credit society and yet again, thank you all so much again for watching and until next time, peace out,