[, Music, ], [ Applause ]. I enjoy destroying lives, urgent attention, all moon, boys, moon, ladies and moon, lady boys, as of yesterday, we have officially changed course to planet. Gainers. Only yesterday was the largest single daily candle for bitcoin in history, a whopping 8 000 plus dollars in a single daily candle for bitcoin tick tock.

The countdown has begun and it's only a matter of time before bitcoin to absolutely shatter 50. 000. Us dollars, and, most importantly, i hope you have all of the altcoins you could ever want, because alts are about to show us exactly what a thick piggy bank looks like, and what in spladoosh is going on.

With this chart, let's dump in welcome back everyone. I'm, your host bradley bean dip. I'm here to rip. I'm here to dip, and i'm here to guide you on this rocket ship to very, very big gainers bitcoin, initiated critical drinkage thrusters late last night and came within an arm's.

Reach of 50 000 us dollars and ethereum broke 1 800 us dollars per each for the first time in history, and today i want to break down what i believe is going on here and some key targets to be watching for over the next few days as Well, so if you're new to the channel, make sure to like make sure to subscribe and as well, if you like, blasting off with or without a tissue and you don't even care, who knows it make sure to turn On those post notifications, so you get updated when we post these absolutely critical time, sensitive updates, so guys, as you can see it's only recently, that bitcoin actually has the highest number of active addresses ever in history right.

It was pretty high back here in 2017, uh, specifically in the middle of december 2017 for bitcoin. However, it's, pretty recent that we've, actually gotten back up to those levels, and i think this signifies literally just the beginning of what is to come for bitcoin, ethereum and so many more of these altcoins.

So on this weekly chart, you can see after having a few weeks of pulling back, we ultimately never had a single weekly close below the 1.272 holding above 31 000 us dollars and even slightly higher than that.

The entire time on this weekly chart very bullish for bitcoin and, as you can see right now, we're, actually breaking now to the upside, with one of our next short-term targets. I personally think is possible this month of uh being sixty thousand dollars per bitcoin.

In fact, we got very very close to even breaking fifty thousand dollars per bitcoin late last night and, very importantly, on this hourly chart for bitcoin. You can see that after breaking forty thousand us dollars just a day ago, bitcoin went straight up to about 44 uh, almost 45 000 us dollars got a little bit of a pullback, but ultimately continue rallying all the way up to our next key fib level.

On our one hour, chart of about 48 000 us dollars and where we're, finding support right now is absolutely critical. It is on the 21 moving average of this hourly chart okay, so this is an absolute critical area to hold.

If bitcoin is going to maintain these levels in the very short term and actually push and ultimately break 48 and attempt to hit that 50 000 level breaking below 46k, i think could initiate a short-term dump all the way down to about roughly 43 000 us dollars, Which is a decent sized swing and on the four-hour chart bitcoin actually held the 45 000 area pretty strongly twice uh and in fact, didn't, get a close below 46 000 us dollars on this four-hour chart since it broke uh into these key Levels above 45 000 us dollars so at this point basically did hit our breakout target.

You know whether you wanted to call it a falling wedge that we were tracking for quite a long time really beginning back at the very beginning of january. Oh, if you want to call it some sort of bull flag, like you have here on the six hour, chart uh.

Ultimately, it did break out to the upside, so again very bullish, confirmation for bitcoin and for ethereum. Even more importantly, we're still in the middle of this breakout uh target. Honestly, i believe, is going to be right around a little under 2000 us dollars per ether, which i personally think is going to be hit very soon.

I personally think, even if we would get that pullback down to this moving average or even to get a re-test here, which we basically already did back on february 7th. Ultimately, i think we are going to be pushing up here over the next few days and actually hitting that target and see ethereum going higher here right, i think seeing ethereum of 2000 us dollars is inevitable and is very likely going to be happening this week and With all that being said, ethereum's.

Real pump has not even begun. Yet we're still tracking. This ethereum bitcoin pairing chart uh, but because bitcoin has been so explosive lately uh a lot of other coins cannot keep up, and you see ethereum actually lost a little bit of dominance here, actually failing to even reach that five percent of a bitcoin target up around Here but ultimately, i do believe ethereum is going to surpass these levels uh throughout the next few months and as well chain link absolutely riding this 21 day moving average looking very, very bullish.

Looking for a breakout above 30 us dollars very very soon as well guys. This is gonna actually start moving up very soon. I believe chain link has been extremely resilient here uh and we've kind of just been forming.

If you want to call, maybe even some sort of an ascending triangle here, uh, whereas for the most part, the the lows have just been getting higher, uh and chain link has kind of just been stalling out right.

Around 25 uh us dollars per chain link, but ultimately again, i think chain link is actually gonna see a breakout here within the next week as well. We have some of these other top vaults continuing to explode here and, ultimately again, this is kind of the similar pattern i see with chain link.

I think ada is actually a little bit more in the future of what i expect. Ada has broken out, but i personally expect ada to actually continue writing up here, but i expect chain link actually to follow a similar pattern to what uh ada did over the past few weeks and uh begin blast off as well and with all that being said, The dxy actually began dumping three days ago right.

We came up to a very key level here and we actually tried holding support here right around 91 here on the dxy, and we failed that right. We spent one day testing it another day, really trying to decide and then today was massive dumpage shattering, not only the 21 day, but actually right now we're at the 50-day moving average.

So, as i've been saying for months, i personally expect this this trend to be overall to the downside, but uh i still wouldn't, be surprised if we had more pumpage over the next few weeks, but ultimately i think the Dxy is gonna come crashing down; it's, going to continue going down, which means as well that bitcoin and cryptos in general should be adding a lot of valuation to their piggy banks and guys, fundamentally, we need to look at this.

Realistically, we have never seen anything close to what happened recently with elon musk yesterday, tesla buying 1.5 billion worth of bitcoin. Potentially you know, accepting bitcoin is payment for their cars.

This is the beginning of the floodgates right. If you don't believe other companies are gonna do the same thing. Then you haven't been paying attention, but uh yeah. This is absolutely massive and um.

Basically, what i said yesterday, i believe that we might have to adjust some of these price predictions to make them a little higher than people were expecting, because, fundamentally, this space is more bullish than ever.

Technically, the the charts are kind of doing very similar things to what they've done before right, so so, technically, nothing too out of the ordinary. Just yet, with bitcoin's price with a lot of these cryptos right.

When we're looking at some of these charts, they break out exactly as you would expect. You know. Sometimes they take a few extra days, but for the most part, these charts have been breaking out exactly how the technicals are showing that they would.

However, we might have to adjust our price predictions because fundamentally uh what is happening right now. You know just to start off the month of february and even january of 2021, specifically is absolutely wildly bullish and with that being said guys, the most important thing for altcoins is that this.

This is something we've, been talking about. You know go back months and months waiting for the entire cryptocurrency market cap minus bitcoin, so just the entire altcoin market cap breaching its previous all-time highs, uh from december of 2017 and within the last few days we have done that right literally within the last 48.

72 hours maximum, we have done that and again that's. Why i said at the beginning of the video. I hope you have your altcoin bags packed because when this train takes off uh, some of these alts are going to start blowing up way faster than we expect uh quicker than even we've seen bitcoin blow up right.

Some of these alts are extremely undervalued and we're, going to see their value absolutely skyrocket. Well also, if you guys are new to the channel, make sure that that, like make sure to subscribe turn on those post, notifications, uh and as well guys, i am still not feeling the best from my recent surgery and as well.

I should be moving over the next few weeks, so you know some of the things are going to be changing. We're, going to be changing some of the content as well, so make sure to stay tuned for that guys and for anybody interested in trading make sure to take advantage of our buy bit deposit bonuses below and our femex deposit bonuses below 600.

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