How To Ultra Increase Your Credit Limit 2021

So you're interested in increasing the credit limit on your credit card. I don't know why. Maybe you want to increase that credit score? Maybe you want to flex on all your friends or maybe you just want to have a higher limit, because you have a big purchase coming up, regardless of whatever the reason may be.

What we're gonna do in this video is show you exactly how you guys can increase your credit limit now. To recap: let's, talk more about what the credit limit is and exactly why this is beneficial in doing.

Basically, your credit line or your credit limit, is exactly how much you can spend until you have to pay off that balance before you can spend that amount even more again it's, really the limit or the cap that you can spend.

But credit card issuers and your credit score is determined by how much you use up that limit. If you only have a couple hundred dollar limit that some people do particularly college students or people who have very low credit score, if you buy one couple hundred dollar item, maybe some shoes you can find yourself using up that limit way too fast.

Not only is it an inconvenience, but in some cases it does hurt your credit score, so people naturally want to get credit limit increases because it does help. In now, I'm, not saying get a credit limit increase, because you can spend more money that you're, not gonna pay off, and this is all a trap - and this is the worst video to watch ever because people are Gon na spend more money that they don't have that's, not the idea.

The whole idea of getting a credit limit increase is the principal that you guys will use your credit cards responsibly paid off in full, and this video is just gonna, be the guide that shows you exactly how you can get that higher limit.

So let's, dive into the ways you guys can get higher credit card limit increases so for method number one on how to get a higher credit limit increase. This is probably the hardest one. The hardest method, but one of the most effective, is by doing nothing that's right.

You heard me: do nothing pay off your credit cards on time by setting up automatic payments, but once your credit card is getting paid off automatically, you will find that your credit limit actually naturally increases.

So a lot of people want to request one, and we will go into the techniques on how you guys can do that. But if you guys use your credit cards and don't do anything at all. You just use it responsibly.

They will actually naturally increase your credit limit over time. All you really need to do is to just demonstrate that you're responsible card, that they can trust you with the higher credit limit, because the last thing that these banks want is to rid of people to have a ten twenty.

Thirty thousand dollar credit limit, but not be able to ever pay back and the banks are the ones that are losing the money. If you're someone who already has a very good score, you have a good history and you're using that card a lot it's, only natural it's only within time.

The bank will actually give you a higher credit limit, increase now method number two for the people that are impatient just like your boy right here is to actually request a credit limit increase, and this is actually done a couple ways to request a credit limit increase.

You guys can do this three different ways. You can call them. You can send them a letter in the mail or you can do it online. My favorite way is to actually do it online if they do not have an option to do that, because it depends on whatever issue you go with, then you want to resort to calling them and then you can resort by going to snail mail.

So those are the three options when we're talking about a company, for example like American, Express they actually have an option available where you can just request one automatically online. Now, generally, you're gonna get a soft pull for these credit limit increases, but it's, going to be dependent on your profile and that credit card issuers.

So if you guys are afraid that you're gonna get a hard pull for whatever reason, I would contact them prior to that and ask them hey. I'm, looking to get a credit limit increase, but I want to make sure it's.

A soft pull now we & # 39. Ve talked a bunch on our channel too. Why hard polls aren't that bad for you? They really aren't negative? They're. Only gonna temporarily reduce your score, a hard pull a utilization where someone actually goes into your credit report.

Take something out that will reduce your score, but it's. Temporary it's, not gonna kill you. So if you think you really need a credit limit increase in my opinion, that hard pull will be worth that trade-off, depending on the situation that you're in.

So if you're someone who's looking to decrease that utilization - and you know that if you get a higher credit limit, your score will actually go up. Those are instances where that hard poll will really not matter, because you are doing something for a higher purpose that actually outweighs that hard pull.

That is only temporary. So when you submit a credit limit increase, three things will happen. You could get accepted, they approve you automatically, you get a counteroffer, so if you apply for a new credit card you either get accepted or denied you.

Usually don't get a counteroffer, but this is something that card issuers tend to do because they want to give you the credit limit increase, but sometimes they're, just not comfortable giving you the full amount.

The third thing that could happen is that they could just straight-up deny you. This does happen from time to time, but if they do deny you, the great thing that happens is that they tell you why. So it's like getting rejected by a female.

The best thing to happen to you is to get rejected, but to know why maybe she just wasn't vibing with you. Maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe whatever the reason is, if you do get rejected, the best thing that usually happens is for you to understand why so you can make a change in that game.

Plan girl's relationships credit, it's. All the same, once you understand exactly why you're, getting rejected. I think you can make a better play after that. No, maybe I got ta have my payment history up.

Maybe I got to work on my credit score a little bit. Maybe I just need to develop a longer a bit of trust with the girl with the credit cards. I don't even know what we're talking about at this point anymore.

They're so similar, but you improve one of those and you guys will actually find yourself getting success at the end of the day. Okay, I did mention that you get a credit limit increase over the phone to do this.

You usually have to provide a lot more details. Some of those details, like I'm gonna mention, is your social security number, your current employment status, your income, your mortgage payment, your rental payment and the amount of credit limit increase that you want.

I've, had instances where I've actually applied, and this actually happened to my uber Barclays card with Visa. I applied for a credit limit increase. I don't. Remember I think it was like pending or they denied it, but then I got a follow up call and the lady actually manually approved it.

So this kind of relates to my video on how to get approved for any credit card. Usually, the algorithm will just make the decision for you. But if you talk to someone live on the phone, they have the ability to reverse a decision or just to keep it the way it is, but it's worth giving it a shot than to actually allow yourself to get a decision based on Some type of algorithm that really doesn't know what your current situation is, so how large of a credit limit should you actually request? There is no one-size-fits-all type of answer.

This depends on how much of a credit limit you have already how much money you're, making what your history is and how much you actually want to get. So there are certain data points and rules depending on the issuer.

So, for the most part, if you guys get like a car like a business credit card, you'll and that they'll, actually generously increase that credit limit as much as you really want. I think the cap usually would be like thirty.

Fifty I've, even had friends who have gone credit limits of $ 75,000 because it's, a business credit card, but it really depends on your situation. Now there are issuers like American, Express who actually have a set guidelines.

You could triple your credit limit with American Express. This is a data point that has been around for years and years. This is a video I made a long time ago on my channel and you guys go through the comments like oh my gosh Brian I didn't think this worked.

It actually tripled. This worked, you're crazy. You're genius. You can triple your credit limit with American Express if you guys wait 61 days after you guys apply for a new card. If you guys want more details on that check out my older video, it's called how to triple your credit limit with American, Express that one just talks about how you guys could do that now.

Other rules apply with different issuers, but if you guys have like a Bank of America card or if you guys have a Citi card, what I would recommend you to do first is to actually just Google this Google.

What is the credit limit increase? I could get or even ask a representative on the phone exactly how much you think you could get a way with a very common question that I also get is Brian. I want to get a credit limit increase, but should I space it out or should I do it all in one take, should I bump up all my credit card limits 10x just go crazy today, or should I just wait now this answer is actually gonna.

Be dependent on the person as well too, because if you're, getting multiple hard pulls on your account too. Sometimes it's, not bad to do it within a small time frame. But at the same time, you want to keep in mind the risk that you're, putting on your profile if credit issuers are seeing that you're.

Getting credit limit, increases all the time right now with different credit cards. They might think like hey. Maybe this guy is about to pull a fast one on us. Maybe he wants to like just max out his card to run away.

We don't know what's gonna happen. You could get your account shut down, you could get a financial review or they could just simply deny you for that, because they do not want to get place in that situation where they have to worry about someone running off with their money.

Now, with that being said, I don't believe there is a rush to the game. I don't believe that you guys have to get it all in one period. I always recommend just starting out with a couple cards here there.

Every few weeks, every few months, because this is a marathon - you could get $ 10,000 credit limit, 10,000 credit limit, 10,000 credit limit among all your cards and then what think about it? What what's after that? Maybe your score went up a little bit.

Maybe maybe you're where you want to be, but what's? The point of doing all that I feel like if you realize that you understand the purpose of why you're doing it. Then you won't, be so rushed and you won't feel like you have to do it all in one take.

This is a marathon. This is a long journey. Don't rush. It you guys play the game strategically play it smart, but pace yourself, okay, guys so that's, really how you guys can increase your credit limit one it's.

Naturally, it's organically. It's automatically. Without you having to do anything, you may get a letter randomly in the mail saying that they increase your credit limit. You didn't. Do anything that's, one option the second one is to manually requested.

That is the way a lot of people have done it. Those are really the two ways you can do it, but keep in mind you guys here are the disclaimers. Those are increasing your credit limits on cards you guys already have.

I do believe that is very easy: that's, a natural way to do it, but people often forget that if you guys apply for a brand new credit card, this is a way for you to increase your overall credit limit.

You just apply for a new credit card. The ones I mentioned earlier in the video business credit cards that often offer the highest credit limit are some of the best that you guys can consider. So don't worry so much about trying to increase the limit on the cards you already have.

You may want to think about getting new cards and just adding on to your arsenal. I have people in my life that have 12, 15. 20. 30. Even 50 credit cards and over time you get a very large credit limit, not because you have several cards that have very high limits.

It's because you have a lot of cards spread out. If you guys want to check out any business credit cards, I talked about exactly how you can get business credit cards without actually having a business or just understanding how this whole thing works.

Business cards are insane. They're, one of the most valuable things you guys can look into and if you do have a business already it's a no-brainer. This is a card you should get, especially if you want to have higher credit limits.

Now, if you guys, are interested in applying for any of the credit cards or if you decide you wanted to apply for a credit card, we do have affiliate links down below in the description, but I hope this video really did help you guys out those links.

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It did very, very well so, hopefully the algorithm, hopefully the algorithm favors, your boy and, like always, I hope this video did help you guys out, and I hope I see you guys in the next one pappa peace, you, the credit limit increase, but sometimes they're just not comfortable giving you the full amount, the third thing that can happen, the [ __ ].

The third thing that could happen is that they could just straight up: [ Music, ]