Attention crypto savages. We are diverting course from destination, moon to destination, zoom, zoom, zoom and entering an entirely new star system. In this webisode i'm, going to be breaking down my exact targets for bitcoin to look for in the short term and ethereum as well this week, because i think this week, ethereum is just getting started and guys.

If you don & # 39. T have a fresh towel on hand. I highly recommend not yet checking your portfolio, because these massive gainers are only the beginning and if you're looking for some extra fuel for your turbo boosters.

Look no further because we're about to give you a gold shower of knowledge. I'm thinking. I'm back welcome back everyone! I'm, your host bobby blastoff, and remember to keep your tummies and toes inside the rocket boosters at all time, because things are about to get absolutely disgusting guys.

As most of you know, we've, been telling you for the past three or four weeks to get your ethereum turbo boosters ready, put on a fresh pair of pampers cause. This is gonna blow your mind. Zippity doo doll.

Let's. Do this welcome back you absolute savages, i'm. Your host charlie chalupa. We're here to crunch. We're here to munch and, most importantly, we are here because our turbo boosters are set to maximum overdrive and guys once the juice is loose.

Let's just say it's, pretty hard to get that juice back in the bottle, and in this video we're, going to be taking a deep dive into bitcoin's, price ethereum'S price and some other huge pieces of news guys.

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Sensitive critical information - videos - google guys - so i want to actually start off this video talking about yet another updated price prediction from none other than google gogenheim themselves. Let's play this clip first, something we talked about a little bit yesterday towards the end of that video here, uh google gaggenheim here saying bitcoin should be worth 400 000 and then, as i'm sure you're.

Already familiar with over the last week, they're, basically saying you know. Maybe there is not enough institutional support for bitcoin to hold 30k combined with. I believe they had another projection that bitcoin could go down to about 20k.

Here, yeah uh the cio expecting bitcoin to drop to 20k, and this was posted about eight days ago. So, as you can see yet another clear reversal in gugu guggenheim's. Price predictions for bitcoin now increasing an extra 200 000 per bitcoin up to 600 000 dollars for bitcoin guys.

So again, maybe now they've, stuffed their piggy banks to the brim and they're ready for blast off as well. I will tell you one thing: i do not want to be somebody standing on the ground when our rocket boosters are thrusting through the stratosphere and as well another critical piece of information here, basically that uh, if you think you're late, well, think Again, because crypto crypto institutions are still at the early stage of bitcoin adoption.

Okay microstrategy was the first big fish, the first big whale and guys this is just the beginning. So, in addition to marathon blackrock, the world's largest asset manager by virtue of assets under management, has stated in its new filings to the us sec that bitcoin derivatives now could be a part of the investment schemes of two of its associate funds.

Blackrock globe allocation fund inc and blackrock funds. This is bound to set a precedent for other large asset management companies such as vanguard, ubs, state street advisors, etc. To enter into the domain of crypto investments and guys publicly traded companies now hold over 3.

6 billion dollars worth of bitcoin, which is a 400 increase within the last 12 months. In 2019, these companies barely had 20 000 bitcoin in their portfolios, but now that number is more than 5x to over a hundred thousand bitcoin, with the biggest holders being microstrategy galaxy.

Digital and marathon patent group institutions are now getting involved in the bitcoin market, as some are expecting bitcoin to become a digital alternative to gold. Now, if that doesn & # 39, t, send shivers up and down your spladooch, i don't know what would and so guys let's actually start off this video with ethereum, which, as i'm recording, is right At its all-time high 1640, absolutely wild uh ethereum is in the middle of a breakout, and this is something we've been talking about for weeks.

Now, i'm, extremely excited about it, because, yes, you guessed it. I do have a large portion of ethereum, bitcoin, ethereum and chain link occupy roughly probably like 70 to 80 of my entire portfolio.

I might even actually might even be a little bit more than that and guys the most interesting and groundbreaking of all of this is on the eth btc pair. This is the eth usd pair where we're. Getting this breakout, but the bigger breakout which is going to play out over you know a slightly longer period of time.

I personally think like over the next few months, the ethereum pairing with bitcoin here ethereum, i think, is going to gain a lot of momentum, and you see this four year symmetrical triangle just absolutely on the bust quick update with the dxy continuing to rally here guys And again, this is absolutely wild, because usually we don't expect bitcoin to rally if the dxy is rallying it's, currently testing a very critical level of resistance and support.

Ultimately, as we talked about yesterday, we could see the dxy rally uh quite a little bit more up to about 92.6 92.7. However, bitcoin is doing very well right now and all of that being said, as i mentioned, chain link is one of my biggest holds, and you see it performing very well as well.

So i guess you could say my piggy bank is looking pretty attractive so guys, as we mentioned, the weekly chart for bitcoin, looking absolutely beautiful, absolutely very strong balance on these longer term charts exactly where anyone bullish on this space would expect.

If we go to the one hour chart, something interesting is happening now i've, had these fib levels on this chart for weeks right and anybody watching these videos can attest to that and if you don't believe me, if you Don't believe me good thing: there's literally documented videos every single day on this channel, so go back and take a look, but we are facing one of our key critical fib levels right around 37.

3. 37.2 uh 38.5. I think is gonna be a pretty next big level, 38.5 to 39 right under 40k and that lines up with two of our fib levels, on the one and four hour chart for bitcoin uh. But you can see the biggest the biggest thing that we've, seen over the last 48 hours is breaking through.

The critical crunch zone you can see 35.5 to 34.5 is what i said. If we break 35.5, then i'll, get bullish. All right. I've, been saying that for weeks, because the only time we breached into this critical crunch zone, except for the elon pump, was about two weeks ago, so the elon pump was the only time we did that uh in the last two weeks and As you can see, we came up to the top here found uh.

We got rejected, found support at the very bottom and that enabled us to absolutely blast past. However, you saw we did get that retest like we might be looking for ethereum as well, and then you can see after that.

It's been straight up to 37, roughly that was a key fib level back down and we cemented the critical crunch zone yet again as support okay, ultimate confirmation there and that enabled us to break into our next field level here so the levels I'm.

Looking for in the short term, uh are breaking 37 300, 37 000. Even okay, you can just round down a little bit. Okay, none of these numbers are ever like exact to the dollar right. These are all just ranges right.

A couple hundred dollar ranges so from 37, 000, 37, 300. And then, if you go to this chart, i think my next big level of resistance is going to come in right around 38 500. and guys that also lines up with our daily chart, which is the most important chart.

I believe uh and that actually would be right around 38 500.. So breaking 38 500, i think, will give us enough juice to 100 attempt 40k and then all-time highs after that so uh. I personally think that we're, very close to being bullish for bitcoin.

However, you do have to keep those targets in mind before we get too bullish. First, breaking like 37 300 and getting some significant closes there, but then, ultimately, i think 38 500 is going to be the target to watch, because if we get up to there, that's going to be the next big critical crunch zone 34.

5 to 35.5 was the previous critical crunch zone. Now we moved on to 38.5 clearly after that, the giant round number of 40k and then after that, all-time highs right. Around 42 000 are the two next big levels to watch after 38.

5 and that's. Without mentioning, we're, also in the middle of a breakout for bitcoin, so things could get very strong very fast, so we're going to keep watching. This bitcoin has some very strong momentum, and at this point i think it's heavily based on fundamentals.

Remember michael sayler is having his virtual conferences. As i speak. Uh tomorrow, they're, going to continue as well, but um yeah. We talked about those institutions at the beginning of the video uh.

Well, what's happening today and tomorrow is most likely going to pump those numbers up to astronomical levels and guys do i believe that ethereum could be heading up to about 1800 even to that 2 000 target over the next week week and a Half absolutely, i think it could happen sooner than later.

In fact, ethereum is rocketing up today. I would not be scared, i would advise you to, you know, be relaxed if we do end up getting a throwback, because that does happen very often with some of these patterns.

In fact, it's, exactly what we saw with bitcoin just recently right. We break out of it. You see us come back down and ride this line for a few days, and now we're actually on the up and up again so again, don't panic, but i personally think ethereum is very likely going to be breaking 2k Or at least touching on 2k within the next few days, well also guys make sure to hit that like make sure to hit that subscribe.

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