[, Music, ]. You know everybody laughed at me a few months ago, when i told them i started wearing adult diapers little did they know. I was just preparing for my ticket to the moon guys. There is no time to squirt when you have a piggy bank as full as ours will be.

Let's. Do this wow guys if you thought that the unlimited money printing initiated by the fed in response to the absolute global catastrophe that really started to get kicked out back in march of the year 2020? Guys, if you thought that was good for a bitcoin, which it absolutely is, then what is going on over the last few days is absolutely moon.

Booster rocket fuel, galaxy gainers confirmed welcome back everyone. I'm, your host stanley, sticky trousers, and we have two absolutely critical things that we're, going to be going over today in this video uh of why you need to be paying attention to bitcoin.

If you aren't already and guys again, if you really thought that what happened in 2020 was bullish for bitcoin, which obviously it was right, bitcoin going from like four thousand dollars to 42 thousand dollars, currently cooling off.

If you thought that was good for bitcoin, which undeniably absolutely it is what is happening right now, there is so much we need to be delving into and why everybody that's been involved in crypto, is already on that next level.

Next level, opportunity here and there's, a lot of crazy things. We have to take a look at one being exactly what's going on with gme, and what's going on with wall street bets and everything like that and number two guys number two actually plays into this giant fud story of This monthly candle so guys, if you're prepared for an absolute lunar, liftoff, make sure to hit that like subscribe, make sure to turn those post notifications.

So you get access to these absolutely groundbreaking discoveries before it's too late, and without any further a google let's dive in so guys. First things. First, i'm sure you're already at this point, extremely familiar with what's, going on with wall street with wall street's bet with wall street bets and everything like that.

So we're, going to save that for a few minutes, but that's huge and there's more and more information coming out every hour, which is just groundbreaking, absolutely game-changing, stuff which, if you don & # 39, T see the connection between that and bitcoin well, it should become very clear to you here very shortly, but guys just as importantly, something cryptozombie pointed out today in one of his videos.

I think, is absolutely important here. So uh guggenheim cio, saying the institutional demand is not there to sustain bitcoin above 30k. Yet something cada pointed out in his video today is that you know just months ago they were saying: bitcoin should be worth 400 000 us dollars per bitcoin.

So you might be wondering well, why did he flip the script as kedah pointed out, they have not been given the green light to buy bitcoin yet so, of course, if you want to talk about manipulation which is obviously going on on wall street, there's manipulation going on by those same players trying to get into the more valuable asset which is bitcoin.

So basically let's sum it up. These guys are basically saying that uh yeah bitcoin is going to be worth a lot right. They're, saying half a million dollars here and the same guy recently now saying bitcoin doesn't have the support to hold 30k.

Why do you think he would be saying that right? You know he's. Probably gonna get the green light to be able to buy bitcoin soon. Do you think that in any universe, it might be possible that he would want the bitcoin price to be as low as possible until he buys in, and the train gets going to? You know 50.

100K. 200K. 500K. I'm, not saying that's, the case, but just think about it for a second. What are the chances? Some of these billionaires some of these players with a lot of money that want to get exposed into bitcoin and crypto? What are the chances? What motive do they have to try to delay the progress of bitcoin to be able to get in before it gets too expensive, so they can maximize their gains and their profits as well, just something to think about, and i think it lines up very well with This fud story of bitcoin printing, a bearish monthly candle.

Everyone is like panicking about this right. There's. Only a few days left. Oh geez, oh golly gee is bitcoin gonna close below 32 33k. Is it going to close below 29k and have a very bearish doji, gravestone, uh, gravestone, doji, candle and bitcoin is going to reverse down to 20k or something crazy guys.

This is the definition of fud. This is the definition of fear, uncertainty and doubt this is exactly what people with a lot of money with hedge funds, with big institutions that want to get into crypto.

This is exactly a textbook play that they could make that they would make, and do we have any reason to think that maybe that's happening as the story. I just told you about guggenheim literally two minutes ago.

Do you think, possibly that that could play into the idea that they just want to get in lower, as they stated they fully expected a month ago, bitcoin to be heading towards like 400 000 at some point in the future? Right now, all of a sudden, they flip the script or are they just doing what they've done in their entire careers and flooding the market manipulating the market so that they can maybe get in at lower prices? Guys? You need to be aware that this is how these people operate, and this plays in perfectly to what we're, seeing with gme with gamestop with wall street, with these hedge funds, melvin capital, with these absolute criminals doing the same thing, but it's even more blatant on wall street uh, you know at least there may be trying to be a little tricky with with it in regards to bitcoin so far, but what we're, seeing with wall street, they're, literally Stopping trading with robin hood weeble, i believe other apps are doing the same thing, guys basically uh.

They're. They're literally, not even enabling you to buy things like gme amc or other stocks that are being heavily shorted gme. For example, i believe is being short at like 130 140 percent, which again probably should not even be legal, but these people are criminals and they make the rules and if the rules, don & # 39, t work for them as we've.

Seen this week, what do they do? They change the rules, so you might be wondering okay yeah. Maybe that's. True, maybe we are in a rigged system. You might be thinking well, okay, that's great, but i don't have a choice, guys you do have a choice.

The choice has been there in front of our faces for so long. At this point, the choice is decentralization. Okay, the choice is decentralization. The choice is uh censorship, resistant currencies, which is exactly why myself and most of you have been in bitcoin or cryptocurrencies for most likely years at this point, because we realized the necessity for it because we realized there is literally no way to get ahead.

Not even get ahead there's no way to even be treated fairly in traditional financial markets. The only option for us at this point is cryptocurrencies. Now are cryptocurrencies absolutely perfect and there's, no flaws, absolutely not right.

If you're looking for cryptocurrencies to just be that a currency, then again it's a little too volatile. However, nobody really wants bitcoin at this point to be a currency more just so a store of value.

So the currency argument is a little outdated, as at this point it's, been very clear for people that uh nobody's, really pushing a currency narrative for bitcoin anymore. We're, pushing the store of value narrative, because if you look back at bitcoin year after year, the store of value for bitcoin has been immensely positive has been immensely amazing for anybody that's been invested in cryptocurrencies in bitcoin, specifically, And as well ethereum right, we need to start talking about bitcoin and ethereum side by side.

Both of them have the opportunity to work together to absolutely change this system. Okay, we're, not talking about every single crypto again. There are some other really good cryptos, besides just those two, but i think it's, important to start recognizing, bitcoin and ethereum together, uh for what they can actually do for us and guys how ironic this billionaire in cnbc earlier today, basically saying you Know what guys we should all work together, stop blaming the rich.

We have to fix this together because they're, losing money guys before this week. Do you think they wanted to work together with any of us? It's. Absolutely pathetic! Of course not, but now that they're vulnerable and they've been exposed and their whole scheme, their casino wall street uh scheme that they've, been purporting for years and decades.

At this point now that it's, finally, starting to get a little unraveled, you see them start to panic and think, oh guys. Well, you know what let's, not be enemies. Let's, be friends. Meanwhile, they literally suck the wealth out of the economy.

They suck it out of your piggy bank directly and if something goes wrong for them like which what happened in 2008, when uh the the financial housing collapse, guess what guys did any of those criminals go to jail? In fact, they were rewarded.

They were given bonuses and you know where they got. Those bonuses. Do you know where they were bailed out from it was directly from our piggy banks taken directly from us, so guys they have no problem stealing directly from us, but the second literal literally a day or two after this started happening.

You hear them crying for stronger regulation. You hear them crying for an end to be put to this, that the system is now not fair. However, the only side that you and i have seen for our entire lives is the back end of this.

The average everyday investor has been chewed out, slapped and spit on the entirety of uh the stock market, basically right and now that people in numbers do to the internet and due to the power of what the internet allows us to do collectively come together and just Basically, you know make our voice heard and maybe say: hey.

Maybe you, shouldn't, be shorting gamestop 140, which they've, been also doing for years. Keep in mind. This is not something that just started a few weeks ago. They've, been doing this for a long time.

They've, been squeezing gamestop for a long time and they've, been squeezing a lot of these other other businesses, most likely illegally, with how much leverage would with how much uh how much margin they're using, and We're supposed to feel bad for them, because you know maybe this guy might lose one of his 30 homes right.

Maybe he & # 39. Ll only have 29 homes to visit now, instead of 30. and guys. This is beautiful. If you don't have a twitter, i highly recommend you get one because all of this breaking information, all this stuff has been absolutely flooding twitter.

If you want the information fast and accurately, honestly, twitter is the place to be, and, for example, uh dave portnoy here of bar stool sports, amazing video two hours ago, basically saying a much better version of what i'm, trying to say here about Why these people are criminals and why? What's going on is just completely corrupt and guys again at the end of the day.

What can we do about it right? Do we have any options? Literally, the only option we do have at this point is to invest in decentralized, unsensible technology like bitcoin and ethereum, okay, and that's.

Why you see things like uh? We saw we see, dogecoin like gme is going down, obviously because they halted the trading on it. So how can it go up when they're literally, not allowing people to buy it talk about manipulation? Is there any more uh disgusting blatant manipulation than literally just telling people like just locking them out of their accounts? In fact, there's, even some reports, that not only are they locking people out there or not being able to buy some of these assets like gme.

There are some reports showing that some of these positions are actually being sold without any consent. From the people that hold it in their portfolio, meaning apps like robinhood stuff like that again, this is still not proven just yet, but there's.

A lot of information coming out that they're, potentially literally selling the positions of people who are holding this stock literally, so it can help these hedge fund criminals and guys. What do we see? Dogecoin is pumping today because you know what people are tired of it.

They think okay! Well, if you're gonna censor us, the only option we have is to go to something decentralized and look at dogecoin. Okay is dogecoin. The absolute answer to these problems - i personally don't - think so right i don't.

Think dogecoin is going to be uh. You know the thing that saves us. However, people getting exposed to the crypto market buy something that they can relate to dogecoin right, who doesn't love doges. This again is just an easy way for people to get exposed to the market and the more people learn about bitcoin and the more people learn about ethereum the more they will buy it because, again guys the only people i've ever seen talk Bad about bitcoin or bad about ethereum are people that are just uneducated.

It's. People that haven't done the research, for whatever reason they're, just not interested in it. The only people that talk about about bitcoin are people with no knowledge. The more you educate yourself, the more of a believer you will be in these decentralized currencies and if what is happening this week is not the biggest wake-up call to people that this is necessary and we need this, then again i don't know What is we have so many things going on fundamentally now right the two biggest things that i could ever imagine helping bitcoin would be the us dollar absolutely depreciating in value, which is exactly what we're.

Seeing with this unlimited fed, printing and number two people losing faith in the current system, well, how do you get people to lose faith in the current system? One, like i just said, the devaluing of the us dollar.

Doesn & # 39. T really make people really uh excited to you know, get their us dollars in their check every week, but, more importantly, when we see the pinnacle of u.s dollar or when we see the pinnacle of like finance, which is wall street right, we look at the big Money billionaires there when we lose absolute faith in them, which we should never have had faith in them.

Anyway, they've, always been crooks when they are exposed for what they're doing, which is getting exposed on the biggest level. Then again guys, it should not be too much of a wake-up call as to why bitcoin is more necessary than ever before.

Why censorship resistant currency, where we can actually have a say in our finances, is more necessary than ever because guys, what is the other option? The other option here is that we don't move towards a decentralized currency, and we let them do exactly what they're doing.

You know if we're doing well, say i open a nice trade and i'm up. You know a couple hundred percent or something like that, whether it's with gamestop stock or something like that, they can just decide.

Hey you've made too much money. You're, not allowed to buy any more of this. If that's, how you want your finances to be run uh and dictated for you for your life, then go ahead. Just keep abiding by this system ignore cryptocurrencies, but if you actually want to have a say in your finance, if you want to have a say in your future right, if you want to actually maybe for once make a couple bucks look no further than bitcoin and Ethereum delve into cryptocurrencies - all i'm saying, is, at the very least, do a little research.

I'm, not telling you to buy it, but i'm, saying at the very least look into it.